Why hire a Fractional Executive?

One of the things that struck me when I worked for agencies was the desire to hang on to business no matter what. The more people were billable, all the better. Hours booked were tracked more diligently than customer satisfaction.

When I stepped out the first time as an “Outsourced Chief Digital Officer” over 10 years ago, I still hadn’t heard of the concept of a fractional C-Suite member. It wasn’t long after that I met my first Fractional CMO.

The value proposition is simple and straightforward. Many more businesses than I care to imagine are still operating on digital plans dreamed up sometime between 2015-2019. COVID either accelerated your online commerce and service, or it left you stagnant and trembling.

These businesses know where they need help, but it feels out of reach and too expensive for them to hire someone. Maybe their agency has been running the trains for too long and no one has seen a conductor in some time.

That’s where a fractional executive can deliver oversized value for a controlled cost. I have 27+ years of experience in digital leadership and innovation roles. If it’s happened in a startup, small business, enterprise, or Fortune 50, I’ve likely seen it and navigated it already. From ballooning budgets to releases gone wild, I have experience and practice in areas that many others just don’t.

I stayed away from going too deep in any one practice so that I could broaden my perspective and value. That led me into and through the trenches of websites, search, email, social, mobile, innovation, branding, PR, communications and software.

For the past few years that’s included new and emerging technologies like Generative AI, Virtual Reality, and AI & Machine learning driven marketing combined with behavioral economics.

The passion that drove me to leave Texas and move to Oregon in 1996 to start a digital business is still fed by the ongoing work I do. And my confidence and skill doing it has never been higher.

I take great pride in being a “Legend Breaker”.

“That project will take 2 years.”

“Things like what you’ve described just don’t happen here.”

Once the impossible is demonstrated and delivered, the questions shift to how you did it.

“Who did you talk to?”

“How did you avoid all the land mines you had to get through?”

If no one else has been able to deliver what they need, I will. And since it’s a fractional role, it can be sized to fit. I can focus on delivering value as needed rather than ensuring I hit an hourly quota to maintain my billable hours.

As a fractional CDO, the greatest gift I can deliver is momentum, empathy and energy.

Momentum because once it gets going, it’s infectious.

Empathy because I have seen so much and know what it feels like when your business is behind.

And energy because they called me to help fight the fires. What an honor.

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