Thoughts on Black Friday

Friday, I hit a local superstore while prepping for my daughters sleepover. All around the store were “Black Friday Only” deals, signed and shouted loudly in hopes of someone grabbing them feverishly.

Employees were all around, focused on tidying shelves and restocking. But they weren’t talking with people, answering questions or helping close the sale.

Everywhere I looked, there were customers browsing the deals. In their hands they held smartphones tightly, checking prices from the competition and finding other deals as they strolled.

Getting people in-store is just half the battle for brick and mortar retailers.

The advantage that physical retailers have is the opportunity to interact with a customer and reinforce a human relationship with the store. When it’s clear that you’re in nothing more than a glorified warehouse, it’s easy to price shop and order for delivery or pickup at a time that’s more convenient for you.

photo credit: postaletrice For All Your Grocery and Hardware Needs: Maison Laurent! (1905) via photopin (license)

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