I’ve been fortunate to have had some amazing
colleagues throughout his digital journey.

I’ve worked with Keith on numerous projects and multiple start-ups over the course of 15 years. Keith is by far one the most imaginative thinkers and disciplined executioners I know. Whenever I embark on the next innovation, Keith is the first person I call for insight, expertise, and the art of the possible.

In the same day, Keith can brainstorm with me and my engineers and and then pitch a big idea to a prospect.  Keith has perseverance, creativity, a vision for the future, and how to create it.  And, he is beyond fun to work with.  I always look forward to when I can work with Keith again.

Noel McMichael – VP Digital Products, Liveramp
Former CEO, Marketleap

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I highly recommend Keith and will work with him again, given the opportunity. It has been such a pleasure (not to mention prosperous) working with Keith. He is one of those rare individuals that can grasp the business challenge, marries that with his extensive mastery of all the technology solutions and pulls together a plan that resonates with both the business audiences and the technology experts – that provides results!

Debbie Cantu – VP of Marketing, Institute on Aging
Former VP, Brand, Marketing & Advertising, Kaiser Permanente

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