Fractional Chief Digital Officer / Chief Marketing Officer

Accelerate growth with fractional CDO/CMO services tailored for startups and enterprises seeking dynamic digital and marketing leadership. Benefit from my industry experience to navigate the complexities of digital transformation successfully.

My first hand knowledge around AI & machine learning, digital marketing and customer-focused strategies ensures your organization thrives in the digital age. I blend insights with a focus on team development, ensuring your startup or enterprise is primed for growth and equipped with a skilled team to scale. If you’re looking for an x-factor for your business, I’m glad you’re here.

Message, Brand, Positioning & Thought Leadership

I will help you elevate your brand.  I empower startups and businesses in refining their pitch and find market momentum through strategic branding, targeted messaging, campaigns, and leading industry conversations.

I guide businesses through honing their messaging, establishing a compelling brand identity, and achieving thought leadership to dominate their space. You can still get there today. Let me help.

You Need an A-Team

You’ve had this happen? The A-Team were in all the sales meetings and pitches. Once you sign and kick-off, you never see them again. And the revolving door of new faces shows up. Rinse, repeat.

Perceptint was founded on a simple principle: deliver impact over retainers. Whether you’re in search of exceptional designers, elite performance marketers, operations experts, or transformative executive coaches, I have a network of the best I’ve worked with.

Let me assemble your custom A-Team. You’ll only work with us. And we’ll always get it done.

I’d love to wrap my brain around your problems and give some relief.

Contact me today.

Uncover your next innovation opportunity.

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