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Keith Boswell, Fractional Chief Digital Officer - Chief Marketing Officer, Strategic Innovation & Leadershjp
Keith Boswell

I start from one of three customer needs.

Fractional CDO or CMO Leadership
For companies still growing into their digital and marketing groups.This includes building strategic plans and team building as a leader. It’s also consulting services like strategy and planning for:

Messaging, Branding, Positioning & Thought Leadership
One universal throughout my career; watching businesses struggle to nail their story and market position. I’ve worked with brands and pushed them to grow. Growing organic traffic 1450% from 2021 to 2023, it’s possible.

Developing playbooks for branding, internal and external messaging, customer engagement, public relations, and how to lead in your space through thought leadership and sharing knowledge. I’ve built more than a few brands from the ground up too.

You Need the A-Team
I launched Perceptint because I prefer impact over retainer, proving value with every project. Whether you’re in search of exceptional designers, elite performance marketers, operations experts, or transformative executive coaches, I’m here to build your A-Team and surpass your expectations.

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