Meta’s AI Training on Your Past Facebook Posts: What You Need to Know

Remember everything you posted on Facebook before you knew what social media was yet? 2007…2008. Meta’s AI is hungry, and ALL YOUR POST ARE BELONG TO THEM. (see All Your Base Are Belong to Us for reference)

AI researchers are running out of human-generated content on which to train their advanced models. One quick advantage the Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp AI teams have is every post, photo, video, message, and contact you and I have ever given them. Meta is seeing how Australia will react to this news before confirming globally that none of us can opt-out.

I know that’s a lot of personal, family, and friends content. Now multiply that by at least 2 billion users and, “BAM, next level LLAMA launch ya’ll”

Ready to talk to all your exes that live in Texas?

Or the vintage politics of 2014 to 2018?

Will Meta’s future chatbots sound more like friends, family members, co-workers, or parents? I’m not sure which one I’m ready for, if any.  Remember friends, to watch your Terms and Conditions; we’re all signed up in this together. 🙂

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