Integrating AI: Strategic Workshop for Startups

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On Wednesday, August 21st, MSU Innovations is hosting a workshop with me about how startups can incorporate AI into their operations, products, and services. 

I’ll give a quick lay of the current and ever-evolving AI landscape. Then, we’ll spend most of the session looking at practical applications that can be used today. 


AI Landscape Overview (20 minutes)

  • Current state of AI technologies
  • Key AI concepts relevant to startups
  • Brief showcase of tools to be discussed (Claude, ChatGPT, Luma Dream Machine, Ideogram, Dall-E, Leonardo)

Practical Applications of AI for Startups (40 minutes)

  1. Marketing Applications (10 minutes)
    • Content creation and curation
    • Image generation for marketing materials
    • Personalization and targeting
    • Hands-on: Creating a marketing blurb using ChatGPT
  2. Sales Enhancement (10 minutes)
    • Lead scoring and qualification
    • Chatbots for customer interaction
    • Sales forecasting
    • Hands-on: Designing a simple sales chatbot prompt
  3. Task Automation (10 minutes)
    • Email management and response
    • Data entry and processing
    • Scheduling and calendar management
    • Hands-on: Creating an email response template with Claude
  4. Product and Service Improvement (10 minutes)
    • Customer feedback analysis
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Hands-on: Analyzing customer feedback using AI

Prompting Techniques & Best Practices (15 minutes)

  • Effective prompt construction
  • Iterative prompting
  • Combining multiple AI tools for better results

Q&A & Discussion (15 minutes)

  • Addressing specific questions from participants
  • Discussing potential applications in attendees’ startups

Conclusion & Next Steps (5 minutes)

  • Recap of key takeaways
  • Introduction to post-workshop resources
  • Encouragement for continued exploration and application

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