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Artificial Intelligence

Strategic Pivot: How Halting Sales to Draft an AI Policy Changed My Game

AI and its principle concepts have been around throughout my career. I never thought I would wrestle with the “Theoretical AI”  directly, tussling through a ...
Building our shared futre
Artificial Intelligence

“Adopting AI Responsibly: Crafting Guidelines for a Better Future”

by Keith Boswell, Chief Digital Officer As a technologist and entrepreneur for the past 28 years, I’m wired to keep up. I committed early on ...

Navigating Pressure: Budgets, Politics, and Results in Today’s Competitive Environment

As last Friday came to a close, I shared a poll with my network to identify the biggest stressors as we all headed into our ...
Artificial Intelligence

The Human Race & Crawl to A.I.

It’s become common for people to ask me with a grin, “Are you ready to be replaced by your AI overlords?”. I just laugh, not ...

Why hire a Fractional Executive?

One of the things that struck me when I worked for agencies was the desire to hang on to business no matter what. The more ...

Test Yourself – Self Diagnostics & Optimization for the Solopreneur

One thing you have to make time for working for yourself is testing your assumptions and your business thesis quickly while still getting paid. The ...
Digital Marketing

The Evolution of Digital Marketing – Keith Boswell & Isaac Oswalt from 21 Handshake

I was honored to be asked by Issac Oswalt from 21 Handshake to appear on his video blog Hops + Handshakes to talk about growing ...

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