Strategic Pivot: How Halting Sales to Draft an AI Policy Changed My Game

Content Authenticity Statement

AI and its principle concepts have been around throughout my career. I never thought I would wrestle with the “Theoretical AI”  directly, tussling through a time of rapid change and increasing personal clarity. I never expected to stop trying to get customers, just as I’m getting going, to get a self-defined policy written first.  Over […]

“Adopting AI Responsibly: Crafting Guidelines for a Better Future”

Building our shared futre

by Keith Boswell, Chief Digital Officer As a technologist and entrepreneur for the past 28 years, I’m wired to keep up. I committed early on to an infinite learning curve, knowing I wasn’t wired to sit back and do any task repeatedly for years on end. I deliberately chose new challenges that broadened my skill […]

The Human Race & Crawl to A.I.

It’s become common for people to ask me with a grin, “Are you ready to be replaced by your AI overlords?”. I just laugh, not because I’m worried they’re right. If it were true, my career wouldn’t have existed. Humans have imagined an AI future since we started describing robots. In the 60’s, computer scientists […]

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