What’s the Problem? Influencer Marketing Questions

July 2, 2024 – by Keith Boswell Here’s the first video in my “What’s the Problem?” series, where I give you the advice I’d give a client. This week’s question concerns a new influencer program and why it’s showing mixed signals—traffic is up, but conversions are down. https://youtu.be/YlzOVYCwSfs?si=MEbVsBlkzsUR_4HU If you’ve got a problem you’d like me […]

Strategic Pivot: How Halting Sales to Draft an AI Policy Changed My Game

Content Authenticity Statement

AI and its principle concepts have been around throughout my career. I never thought I would wrestle with the “Theoretical AI”  directly, tussling through a time of rapid change and increasing personal clarity. I never expected to stop trying to get customers, just as I’m getting going, to get a self-defined policy written first.  Over […]

Navigating Pressure: Budgets, Politics, and Results in Today’s Competitive Environment

As last Friday came to a close, I shared a poll with my network to identify the biggest stressors as we all headed into our weekend: End of Friday Pressures:1) Shrinking Budgets2) Organizational Politics3) Producing Results & Maintaining Momentum4) Competition & Rapid Change Andrea Wallace, CEO of Opnr, said “I’ll take ‘all of the above’ […]

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