An Idea & Transformation Accelerator

Digital Transformation Leadership
I’m passionate about and lead successful digital transformation projects with a proven track record of driving significant growth in digital service adoption. At Mentavi Health, I spearheaded digital initiatives that increased adoption by 500% and revenue growth from $12M to $21M+, demonstrating my ability to lead and execute successful digital transformation strategies in the healthcare sector. I led a four-person team that punched so far above our weight class, we knocked ourselves out. I’ll explain in person.

AI and Machine Learning Expertise
I’ve led active projects specializing in leveraging AI and machine learning to transform healthcare services and marketing strategies. My work at companies like Emergent Holdings (BCBSM) showcases a deep understanding of how AI can revolutionize user engagement and healthcare delivery, leading to breakthroughs in personalized healthcare experiences for patients.

Strategic Marketing Across Industries
Being a neurodiverse leader fuels my inner marketing strategist with a focus on integrating the lessons I’ve learned in healthcare, retail, digital marketing, branding and more. My work tends to combine multi-disciplinary approaches including behavioral science, data analytics, and AI to develop marketing strategies that enhance campaign effectiveness, as evidenced by my work at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, where I boosted campaign effectiveness by 25%.”

Cross-Industry Innovation & Insight
With a unique perspective gained from diverse roles across industries, I bring innovative solutions to the challenges I typically encounter. My experience as a founder, the retail sector, digital business across hundreds of projects, and deep healthcare expertise, allows me to apply cross-industry insights for groundbreaking strategies in marketing and digital transformation.

Advocate for Design and Customer-Centered Approaches
I’m a strong advocate for the power of design in transforming businesses. I believe the customer should be at the center of every innovation.I’m an accelerator for companies that need digital marketing leadership to keep up. My knowledge and experience from a breadth of digital marketing channels allows me to take your business objectives and turn them into the right plan.

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