Keith Boswell | Fractional Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Digital Officer

Tackling your toughest problems.

Over the past four years, I’ve led Enterprise Marketing AI and Innovation projects that have generated over $100M in new revenue. I specialize in tackling complex challenges and crafting impactful solutions.

Finding a digital expert when scaling rapidly during a critical growth phase is challenging. That’s where my fractional role makes it easy for you.

“Faced with tech challenges and the need for strategic digital guidance, I’ve streamlined marketing efforts and enhanced digital presence for numerous businesses, just like I can for yours.”

I deliver cost-effective digital solutions that enhance ROI, designed to integrate smoothly with your operations without the burden of a full-time executive’s cost or commitment.

Considering full-time hires or freelancers but concerned about costs and outcomes? Let’s talk about how my fractional leadership can help you with that. 

Uncover your next innovation opportunity.

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I’ve tackled the toughest problems and built a reputation for delivering. Contact me today to see how I can help your business.